Access Protocol is set to conclude its community airdrop with a 500 million ACS token giveaway.

Qualifying for the two available airdrops requires users to have previously bought ACS tokens and interacted with the Access Protocol chain, such as subscribing to a content creator’s pool.

The airdrops will finish by May 20 at the latest, and users should note there is no automatic entitlement to eligibility.

How to participate?

There are two airdrops to participate in:

Drop 1 is run in conjunction with Bybit

Airdrop pool: 300,000,000 ACS tokens available.

Maximum drop: 30,000 ACS tokens ($192) per participant.

To qualify, participants must follow these steps exactly:

Quote-retweet this tweet and tag three (3) friends.
Subscribe with at least 1,000 ACS tokens to one of our partner creators. To view the list of available subscriptions, click here.
Claim your daily ACS subscription reward at least once before the Snapshot date of May 7, 2023, 01:00 UTC. You can claim your ACS subscription reward here after subscribing to a creator for at least a day.
Deposit at least 15,000 ACS from your Solana wallet into your Bybit account, or accumulate a trading volume of at least 15,000 ACS on Bybit during the event period.
Submit your quote-retweet link and Solana wallet address in the form on this page.

Drop 2 is a protocol-wide airdrop

Airdrop pool: 200,000,000 ACS tokens available.

Maximum drop: 10,000 ACS tokens ($64) per participant.

Distribution for this airdrop is based on analysis of on-chain data, meaning there are no steps to follow to become eligible.

Instead, users who interacted with the ACS chain before March 1 will be prioritized – a maximum of 20,000 users are eligible to receive Drop 2.

You may still be eligible if you did not interact with the ACS chain before March 1. Subscribe to a creator pool here for a chance to qualify.

What is Access Protocol?

Access Protocol provides digital media companies with a way to monetize their output by doing away with the outdated Web2 subscription model.

With Access Protocol, users show support by staking ACS tokens in the creator pools of their chosen publications. This opens up access to premium content on the site and earns both the user and publisher staking rewards.

The Web3 paywall model has many advantages over traditional subscriptions, including:

Users retain membership control by keeping staking to maintain access or removing tokens to cancel their subscription.
Staking ACS tokens unlocks exclusive content without upfront payment.

Given the advantages for users and content creators alike, several notable publications have joined Access Protocol, including CoinGecko, the Block, Crypto Times, and CryptoSlate.

CryptoSlate launched its Access Protocol integration on April 10. Membership to CryptoSlate Alpha grants users access to in-depth digital asset research and analysis, expert crypto and macroeconomic insights, private Telegram access, early access to Podcasts and video content, monthly roundtable discussions, and perks such as free event tickets.

Signing up for Access Protocol requires a Solana-compatible wallet, such as Phantom, Solflare, Torus, Ledger, and Coinbase. Other “starter” cryptocurrencies are being integrated for future rollout.

Go to the website and connect your wallet by clicking the “App” button located in the top right. From here, you can pick your chosen publication.

Note – using airdropped tokens, users can obtain free CryptoSlate Alpha membership.

Full details on using Access Protocol are here.

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