Greg Foss blasted Bitcoin Magazine for giving the stage to Udi Wertheimer and Eric Wall during the recent Bitcoin Conference.

The former hedge fund manager, now executive director at energy company Validus Power, did not hold back in blasting the pair over their recent conference appearance.

Wertheimer and Wall, aka the Wizards, have been instrumental in driving Taproot innovation on the chain. However, “laser-eyed” purists maintain that Bitcoin should be used only for monetary transactions.

Foss drops multiple f-bombs

Bitcoin 2023 in Miami, which ended on May 20, had Wertheimer and Wall as panelists during “The Great Ordinal Debate” segment. The pair were dressed as wizards and “flossing” as part of their argument for expanding the Bitcoin use case.

During a Twitter Spaces on the matter, Foss dropped an emotional response at their Bitcoin Miami appearance – shouting f-bombs, even stating the future generation is in jeopardy due to their antics.

“That Bitcoin Magazine was a f*cking farce. Two f*cking idiot wizards on stage. This is not a f*cking joke, people… Our f*cking children are at risk, and we’ve got these two f*cking clowns on stage?”

Business Development Manager at Upstream Data Adam O said, whether you agree with Foss or not, “ya gotta love the passion.”  He excused Foss’ emotional response as understandable, considering his desire to escape fiat enslavement and the Wizards’ apparent mockery of that cause.

Swan co-founder Yan Pritzker chimed in to explain that Bitcoin has moved on from the 2013 magic internet money meme to become more significant. He added that Wizard costumes and “acting like clowns” is inappropriate for “the most important movement of our generation.”

“It is not the right meme for 2023 with bitcoin as legal tender, supporting energy grids, and powering freedom protests.”

Foss later said he probably should not be doing Twitter Spaces when driving. He added that swearing was an old habit from 30 years as a trader. In closing, he extended his support for Ordinals, saying, “Bitcoin is bigger than a coin.”

“I love #freedom. I am thankful for America and its values, and sometimes I swear, but that’s because I care.“

Do the Bitcoin Wizards have a point?

Speaking to Crypto Journalist Laura Shin on the rise of the Wizards and the battle for the soul of Bitcoin, Wall explained that the laser-eyes were the ones who developed Taproot in the first place – but came undone having found no use case for it.

In response to the negative sentiment, Wall explained that their pushback, including flooding the conference with Wizards, stems from the hate they are facing.

Investor Trevor.btc pointed out that, in a few months, the Wizards have orange-pilled more newcomers than the purists combined ever have.