Ava Labs’ Core app said in a June 20 Twitter thread that it now offers an AI-powered user assistant chatbot called AvaGPT.

AvaGPT answers questions about Avalanche

The announcement says that AvaGPT is trained on documentation for the Avalanche blockchain and Core itself (both of which are developed by Ava Labs).

CryptoSlate’s testing of AvaGPT demonstrated that the app can answer questions about Avalanche but is unable to retrieve current wallet balances or price data.

However, the bot was able to provide an estimate of AVAX’s supply and refer inquirers to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko for current market data. It also provided links to block explorers — but only when it was specifically asked for block explorers, not when it was asked to provide the balance of an Avalanche cryptocurrency address.

Each chat session is limited to five questions, though it is possible to restart the chat and ask further questions. Repeated use is encouraged by the app.

The announcement said that the new chatbot will make Avalanche and Core “easier than ever to navigate” but will not replace the tech support team.

The price of Avalanche’s native token has risen only slightly alongside news of the chatbot. Avalanche (AVAX) is up 6.2% over the past 24 hours, while the entire cryptocurrency market is up 4.0% over the same time frame.

Other projects are making use of AI

Reports from Decrypt state that AvaGPT was developed with Kapa AI, a firm that creates ChatGPT-powered chatbots based on documentation. Other crypto projects, including Moonbeam Network and Algorand, have also used Kapa AI in their Discord channels.

Various other cryptocurrency projects and companies are additionally making use of AI chatbots based on other artificial intelligence technologies.

Binance launched its “Sensei” app in April 2023, and Solana announced a ChatGPT plugin that same month. Crypto.com launched an AI assistant called “Amy” in May.

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