Financial disclosures reveal that the family of U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr owns Bitcoin (BTC) worth up to $250,000

The June 30 filing showed that he owns between $100,001 and $250,000 and has earned less than $201 from the investment in the flagship digital asset.

The filing does not provide additional information on when the Bitcoin was purchased.

CNBC reported that Kennedy’s campaign team stated that the Bitcoin belonged to his wife and that the presidential candidate did not hold the asset.

“The investments were not his, but his wife’s. He is not involved in her investment decisions,” the team added.

Kennedy’s pro-Bitcoin stance

Since he began his campaign for office, Kennedy has been a consistent advocate for Bitcoin, praising it on multiple occasions in at events and on social media.

In May, Kennedy criticized President Biden’s administration’s proposed 30% crypto mining tax and condemned central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

In a June 27 tweet, Kennedy described the flagship asset as “a bulwark against totalitarianism and the manipulation of our money supply.” He added:

“It points the way toward a future in which government institutions are more transparent and more democratic.”

Kennedy also spoke at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami, where he promised to be a pro-Bitcoin president.

Meanwhile, his support for BTC has attracted the crypto community’s attention, with several stakeholders, including Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, endorsing him for the office.

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