Botev Plovdiv FC, Bulgaria’s oldest football club, has adopted Bitcoin(BTC) as payment for financial transactions in its operations and established a presence on the decentralized social protocol, Nostr, according to an Oct. 31 statement shared with CryptoSlate.

Bitcoin for fan payments

Botev Plovdiv FC said its fans can now make peer-to-peer Bitcoin payments for merchandise at the club’s fan shops and central stands during matches. The club also plans to integrate Bitcoin payments for game tickets and the club’s online store.

Club president Anton Zingarevich expressed enthusiasm for this move, particularly highlighting the Lightning network. He drew parallels between their vision of Bitcoin adoption and the early days of the internet, emphasizing the convenience it offers to fans and stakeholders.

Zingarevich said:

“We foresee Bitcoin payments becoming as ubiquitous as the internet in our daily lives. This integration not only aligns with our vision but also offers our fans and stakeholders unparalleled convenience.”

Meanwhile, Botev Plovdiv FC said it has entered a partnership with BTCPayServer to power its Bitcoin payments. This collaboration enables the club to utilize BTCPayServer’s payment infrastructure.

Additionally, the club has teamed up with for technical support in integrating Bitcoin payments and for providing Bitcoin point-of-sale devices.

Nicolas Dorier, the founder of BTCPayServer, emphasized the company’s focus on promoting local Bitcoin adoption in 2023, expressing the satisfaction of seeing their open-source project resonate with local communities.

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