Tech billionaire Elon Musk revealed that electric carmaker Tesla is developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) vehicles, a significant step in achieving complete self-driving capabilities.

In a Dec. 29 post on X, Must stated:

“It is increasingly clear that all roads lead to AGI. Tesla is building an extremely compute-efficient mini AGI for FSD.”

Musk’s statement came in response to a post emphasizing the utilization of computer vision technology in self-driving cars. The post highlighted the potential of AGI to elevate the performance of self-driving vehicles, surpassing non-AGI systems.

Since ChatGPT emerged last year, discussions surrounding AGI’s transformative potential across various industries have been ongoing among tech leaders. Tesla stands out as one of the companies exploring this cutting-edge technology to pioneer innovative advancements.

The automotive manufacturer focuses on achieving full self-driving capabilities in its vehicles. To accomplish this goal, Tesla harnesses the power of the Dojo supercomputer, employing it to train machine learning models and enhance FSD capabilities.

However, Tesla has not provided a definitive timeline for achieving FSD. Musk had previously pledged its realization by the year’s end, yet this target now seems improbable.

Recently, the company has been working on its FSD v12 update, initially slated for December and anticipated to introduce artificial intelligence into self-driving operations. Musk had indicated that v12 would transition FSD out of its beta phase.

Nevertheless, Musk disclosed a few days ago that the release would be delayed due to the necessity for additional testing. While the technology performs well in California, further testing is required in regions experiencing heavy precipitation.

Concurrently, Musk’s other enterprises have seen an uptick in artificial intelligence integration. The billionaire entrepreneur recently established xAI, an AI-focused company poised to rival OpenAI.

xAI has already introduced the Grok chatbot and aims to secure $1 billion in a new funding round to bolster its endeavors.