Footprint Analytics: Will the London Upgrade Deflate ETH? | Annual Report 2021

Ethereum remained the top blockchain in 2021 by TVL (total value locked), but its market share continued to erode, dropping from nearly 100% at the beginning of the year to 65%. Its... Read more »

Associated Press all set to launch its own NFT marketplace

The Associated Press agency will be launching its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for collectors who wish to purchase its award-winning photographs that were taken during its 175-year history.  The blockchain firm Xooa... Read more »

German online bank N26 rushes to launch crypto trading in 2022

German online bank N26, revealed its plans to launch crypto trading service this year and add equities brokerage after that, reported Financial Times. The bank, which counts as one of the biggest... Read more »

Anti-Bitcoiners sharpen their knives following shaky New Year start

Spurred by talk of rate rises, “spec tech,” including Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, sustained a shaky start to the New Year. Over this period, the total crypto market cap lost $333.5 billion before... Read more »

Australian Open embraces blockchain tech, incorporates NFTs and metaverse

The adoption of blockchain technology by various industries in the world is on the rise, the sports industry just took another step in that direction. This step was taken by the organizers... Read more »

Footprint Analytics: Stellar aims for rebound in 2022

By [email protected] Analytics Date: 8th January 2022 Data source: Stellar dashboard Last month, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) participated in a cryptocurrency hearing hosted by the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services.... Read more »

She’s got the most followed Twitter account with a .eth name

There’s hardly a day in crypto without a celebrity announcing a purchase of a Bored Ape or some similar high-end profile picture NFT, often to be flexed in the Twitter profile of... Read more »

Here is why Ethereum’s dominance in DeFi is falling

Ethereum is undoubtedly the leading blockchain in DeFi, but this could be about to change as analysts at JPMorgan have noted that the dominance of the asset in the space could already... Read more »

Bitcoin sinks to 14 week low, but some analysts say $100,000 in 2022 is still on

Following Wednesday’s downturn in Bitcoin, a continuation of selling dipped the price as low as $41,000 today. Marking a 14-week low for the leading cryptocurrency. But as far as drawdowns go, this... Read more »

Goldman Sachs reveals how Bitcoin can reach $100k in 2022

Goldman Sachs, through its recently released note to clients, has stated that Bitcoin could reach as high as $100k in this year. Bitcoin to $100k will happen if investors see it as... Read more »